A lion is a lion,
even when it sleeps.

• Pictures of me.

"I hate kenna vanessa wahhh I hate allison kate wahhh wahhh she’s ugly wahhh"

that’s why you have a bunch of their photos saved to your computer for you to spend moments of YOUR life finding any (even imaginary) imperfection to critique. 

that’s why you hide behind a blog (because your face calling anyone ugly would be like the pot calling the kettle black), spending time making posts and edits to “prove” to people why these girls are “unattractive”.

Here’s what’s really up, you can’t imagine how someone could really be so much more attractive than you, so you call it photoshop. Lots of people defend them because they’re such sweet girls and because they aren’t ugly, but you’ve got shit for self esteem and for a personality, so obviously a blog (anonymous one, none the less) “calling them out” is your answer. 

Both of these girls are wonderful friends, and beautiful ladies. 

go recite some self help lines in the mirror until you stop hating yourself, so you can stop taking it out on the wrong people. 

Nov 12th 2011 · 10 notes · Tags: #allison kate #kenna vanessa
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