Anonymous asked:

Checking your blog from a national carrier that a lot of people use isn't really "stalking" however, going through the trouble to "track" visitors is a little obsessive, so maybe it's you that's a little off their rocker. No offense but you're not anything special just maybe a tad paranoid.

Well, my tracker indicates specific IP addresses right down to the first one used by that person, to the most recent one associated with their device. It also shows me how (you, for example) get directly to my blog by the url. And by the “ask” url.

Meaning you go out of your way, multiple times a day, to check my tumblr.

Checking my blog daily off your verizon phone isn’t very inconspicuous.

Neither is it for my lunatic stalker using her pre-paid sprint/boost mobile phone.

Y’all need hobbies. Or jesus.

Or mainly to leave me the fuck alone.